Pooja mishra dating rahul bhatt

Initially Alia needed her mother around but then she seemed to be fairly confident!She (Alia) could not have hoped for a better debut than under the biggest banner, a Karan Johar film, said her mother!Alia Bhatt finds her elder half-sister Pooja to be the most fashionable actress during the time she entered Bollywood and believes she had a really bold sartorial taste.Alia went on that Pooja used to wear nice pants and tied her hair in a nice pony which added further to her style statement!Mom Soni wentstraight away to the sets to surprise Alia.

Actress turned director Pooja Bhatt and Brother Rahul Bhatt were born to Kiran and Mahesh Bhatt. Bhatt later fell in love with actress Soni Razdan and married her.One needs to wait and watch if daddy dearest Mahesh Bhatt makes an exception for his pretty daughter Alia and directs her in a film!Karan Johar (KJo) thought that Alia would be keen to continue her film journey with her dad now on wards to which Mahesh replied that he might have directed elder daughter Pooja in the past and has also delivered successful films like Daddy, Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahin and Sadak, mainly because she had suited the requirement of the role but times have changed now and now he’s not directing films anymore!The doting mother was planning a film featuring Alia in the lead.But at the moment she is working on another project as she feels that Alia is quite independent now and can look after herself.

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